Mom Breaks Exciting News To Son Battling Cancer, Captures Family Celebration That Will Melt Your Heart.

Ben Morris was first diagnosed with cancer at the age three on March 22, 2013. Since then, the young boy has seen some incredibly tough days during his treatment. But his mom is about to give him some amazing news… She’s about to tell Ben that he is cancer free for the first time in three years.

In a facebook post, Ben’s mom shared with her friends that after 1,167 days of treatment, her son finally got back some positive test results and– with them– news that treatments would end in 34 days. Her little boy was just 34 days from a normal life. She was able to tell him the wonderful news and capture his response on video. The moment Ben hears what she is has to say, he is blown away! At first, what she’s saying doesn’t quite sink in. “Can I still go to camp?” he asks right away. It’s adorable! But then he starts to realize what this means. That moment is so beautiful, we had to share it.

After three years of uncertainty and sickness, this wonderful little boy is finally free of the stress and uncertainly that comes with his illness. Check out the beautiful moment in the video below!
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