Mom And Kids Held Hostage, Orders Pizza With Secret Message To Save Them From Abusive Boyfriend.

When Cheryl Treadway found herself in the middle of a hostage situation, she ordered a pizza that saved her life. Treadway’s boyfriend seemed to have lost his mind. He was pacing around the house with a knife in his hand, threatening violence, and becoming more irate by the second. Treadway wasn’t only concerned for her own safety… her three young children were also in the house.

Somehow, Treadway convinced her boyfriend to allow her to call in a pizza. Instead of calling the Pizza Hut nearby, she used the mobile phone app. It was then an idea sprung into her mind that likely saved her life and that of her children.

Treadway used the “special request” section of the app to type out a message that alerted Pizza Hut employees to the dire situation that was unfolding. It simply read, “Please Help. Get 911 for me.”

Instead of ignoring the alarming request, employees immediately alerted the local police department.

After police arrived at the home they were able to arrest her boyfriend and get Treadway and her kids to safety.

Pizza Hut manager Candy Hamilton says, “I’ve been here 28 years and never, never seen nothing like that come through.”

We are so glad this dangerous situation ended before anyone was hurt. Kudos to Cheryl Treadway for her quick and clever thinking!

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