Mo Farah Wins Olympic Gold Despite Falling Over Mid-Race

 Mo Farah absolutely smashed it last night for Team GB, becoming the first British athlete to pick up three gold medals on the track.

Unless you stayed up until about 3am to watch it, you might have missed the men's 10,000m race last night. At one point it looked like it wasn't going to be a gold for Mo, as he was tripped halfway through the race, but he just rolled over, jumped up and carried on. That's how it's done.

After winning the 10,000m last night, he is hoping to replicate his London 2012 success by following last night's gold with another in the 5,000m in a week's time.
Once over the finish line, Mo got pretty emotional and who can blame him? I'ts not every day you win an Olympic Gold...unless you're Michael Phelps, in which case it sort of is.

He said: "When you go down you get really emotional and I just had to pick myself back up and believe in myself and just work through. And at the end when I crossed the line I just got really emotional. Because you know what goes in. You can't imagine how hard I work for it. And in one moment it's gone."

Mo's win puts Great Britain at third place in the table, with 30 medals, behind China and the US. 

Well done, Mo.

Source : LADbible

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