Millionaire Girlfriend Gives Her Boyfriend Outrageous List Of Rules For Holiday

When leaving behind the missus and the dull weather of England for the sunny beaches and booze cruises of Ibiza with the lads, there's a certain amount of trust involved.

Lads will spend on average a combined amount of two days pleading with their better half that they won't get too drunk, won't get a stupid tattoo, and won't end up doing Jagerbombs while a stripper sits in their lap.

Twenty-one-year-old Connor George obviously tried hard to convince his girlfriend, Jane Park, that there would be no funny business when jetting off with his mates to the party island. Jane obviously wasn't 100 percent confident. So, she decided to create a list of rules for Connor, as well as making him a t-shirt to take with him.

Jane, who became Britain's youngest lottery winner after picking up the £1million jackpot back in 2012, has told Connor that there must be no eye contact with any girls, and that he must FaceTime her if his mates bring girls back for a party. She's also going to keep an eye on his Snapchat score. Jeez.

Connor took to Twitter to post his thoughts on the subject, asking his followers 'psycho or psycho?'.
Of course, it's all a joke. However, Connor vowed to wear the t-shirt with pride, as Jane said she thought she was letting him off easy.

Let's hope he sticks to these rules. Either way, 'it's the last boys' holiday he'll be on'.

Source : The LAD Bible

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