Man wins the lottery, uses winnings to build new fire station for his community

 What’s so special about this little fire house? It may be small but is a completely modern, state-of-the-art fire station servicing a small town in Missouri. It may not be the grandest-looking fire station, but the story behind it is incredible. One man funded the entire endeavor.
 Mark Hill, of Camden Point, Missouri, won the Powerball lottery, a $200 million haul. Instead of indulging his personal wish list first, he thought it would be better to give back to his community of 500 people. Yes, an entire town made of just 500 people, ladies and gentlemen. Hill and his wife, Cindy, sunk thousands of dollars into revitalizing their town’s public services. The most impressive contribution being a brand new fire station.
The Hills say they were not looking for praise at all. “You know what? If my wife and I could have built this without anybody knowing that her and I were building it, that’s exactly what we would have done,” he said. Hill wanted to build the fire station in part because the volunteer fire services had saved his own father’s life twice. What a way to repay them! Working with architects, the fire district, and contractors, Hill collaborated in the design of the new fire station himself. The fire station was made with mostly concrete and has energy-saving qualities to boot.
The reward of having been part of this project may have overshadowed the reward of winning the lottery. “I’m just proud to be a part of it,” Hill said. “See, I don’t think about my wife and I actually, I just don’t think that way. I’m proud that this is in my family, and I’m proud to know there’s an ambulance service right here, I mean, how many towns of 500 people have an ambulance service that’s manned 24-7, very few, I’m proud to be part of that.” With such an advanced fire station, the residents of Camden Point will be able to rest easy knowing that there is nothing in the way of their safety.
 This wonderful family didn’t stop there. They began a scholarship fund at the local high school, North Platte High School, and adopted two more children into their family. City officials said that without the Hills, it would have taken the city’s tax dollars 25 years to accomplish all that the Hills had done in a fraction of that time. Mayor Kevin Boydston was touched, adding, “I’ve said all along that these lottery winnings could not have gone to a better couple. They are giving back to the community, just like they said they would.” This family didn’t move away from their hometown, they improved it when they had the chance. The grass really is greener where you water it. Don’t you agree?

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