Man Thought His Cat Was Trying To Reach Something, But When He Realized THIS? OMG.

 If you’re happy, and you know it – throw your paws up in the air? Well, at least the first part of the previous sentence was familiar – but that second part is not at all what you expected – right?
 Keys aka Goalkitty throws her paws up in the air to the delight of family and people around the world!
 Keys is a tuxedo kitty who is living in California with her human Peter Mares. One morning, Peter noticed Keys lift her paws up in the air as if stretching. Peter grabbed his camera and saved the moment on film.

The next day, Keys did it again, this time, Peter rewarded her with a treat! Peter said that now Keys has learned to do the ‘goal hands’ every time she sees the camera!
 Every time she does it, Keys gets a treat, and Peter says “I know what you want.” That has become the magic phrase! If Keys should happen to hear those magic words (and see the camera) – up go her paws!
 Once pictures of Keys made it to the interweb, creative minds photoshopped her in various funny or silly scenes.
Keys has been on a football field trying to block a punt and even riding a roller coaster – her paws up with excitement!
Keys has quite a following on Instagram where she brightens up everyone’s day with her happy paws!
  You can’t deny this is one talented and gorgeous kitty!
Maybe she just wants to give ‘high ten’ or needs a hug!

Whatever the reason, watch her in action below!

Source : heroviral

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