Man tells two homeless veterans to step inside door, proceeds to give them jobs

Veterans are those brave men and women who made a huge sacrifice and chose to serve our country. They gave up so much to protect our freedom and liberty. But when they return home, they face a huge problem – unemployment. 25% of veterans ages 19-25 are jobless, and the suicide rates amongst these veterans are skyrocketing. For many veterans, all of their sacrifice amounts to practically nothing when they finish their duty. It’s a shame, but one man is determined to make a difference.
Mark Doyle started a business named “Rags of Honor” that employs homeless veterans. He began the business with 4 veterans, and it’s slowly growing and on its way to becoming the next big thing.
As the company grows, Doyle takes pride in his vision and company’s mission. He has now helped 22 veterans find work and saved them from troubling times. Doyle says it best, “The most profound workds you can tell a vet are, ‘You’re hired.'”
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