Man sits with lion and tries to speak to camera, but the big cat has another idea

He may be called the 'Lion Whisperer' but conservationist Kevin Richardson sure knows how to make these cats rawr. In a viral video where the lion conservationist is trying to explain how these majestic creatures are being pushed out of their natural habitat, his companion decides to chime in.
In the video that's been viewed nearly 1.5 million times, Tau the lion interrupts his good friend with some loud rawr's - barely letting Richardson get a word in edgewise. Soon the lion behind Richardson decided to get in on the conversation too.
[Source: Youtube]
In the minute long video Richardson patiently waits while his feline friends say what they have to - gently petting them, and smiling while they rawr away. Many of Richardson's videos of his lions have gone viral. His conservation efforts, including the videos, are made in hopes of raising awareness about these creatures and their preservation.

Be sure to check out the video about for a good laugh - as well as the rest of Richardson's Youtube page to learn more about these beautiful animals.

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