Man Goes From No Customers To 500, All Thanks To A Post On Facebook

Things have changed for Whitbie's Fish and Chips shop in Lethbridge thanks to one viral social media post.

Up until recently, Whitbie's owner John McMillan had so much trouble bringing in customers that he couldn't even afford to make a monthly income.

McMillan has always remained resilient, though. He told CTV News "It's something you have to love doing and I love doing it," in spite of his arduous working hours.

He boiled down the low-business to a bad location and expensive marketing.

That all came to an end when Colin Ross visited Whitbie's for the first time.
"I've lived on the west side for years, and I've never ever stopped here," Ross said. "I must have read that sign how many times.

"I was like, 'I gotta go check that place out.'"

Ross said he copped McMillan sitting on a chair waiting for customers and decided to go and order some food.

After hearing McMillan's story, he knew he had to do whatever he could to help out.
He posted the encounter to his Facebook, encouraging people to eat at Whitbie's. After a matter of hours, it'd been shared thousands of times.

The next working day saw Whitbie's packed with customers.

"It was worse than swamped," McMillan joked. "It was so good though."

So good that McMillan has gone and hired himself another chef to help out. He is hopeful about the future of his shop.

"It's amazing, Lethbridge is the best place in the world to live."

Source : The LAD Bible

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