Man finds $500 left in the ATM, tracks down and returns the money to rightful owner

Bobby Puryear, a man from Modesto, California, arrived at an ATM machine to make a routine withdrawal.
As he was pulling out his debit card, he noticed something shocking. There was $500 left behind in the machine. While some of us might wish a bank ATM would error in our favor, Bobby did the right thing and took the money inside to the bank hoping that it would be returned to its rightful owner.
“She wouldn’t take [the money], and she called the manager over. He said ‘What do you expect me to do with it?’”
Bobby then asked the bank to check who last used the ATM.
The next day, Bobby received a call from the bank manager. The manager stated that Bobby was on a three-way call with the owner for the $500. It turns out that a 92-year-old woman named Edith had forgotten the money, and she grateful for Bobby’s kind gesture.
 She explained to Bobby that the money was to pay for her $480 rent. She wanted to reward Bobby with the extra $20 she had left. Bobby couldn’t believe Edith wanted to give up the only money she had left to thank him.
“She was taking the money out for rent. Her rent was $480.00 and she wanted to give me the twenty dollars that was left for a reward,” Bobby says on Facebook. “It was all the money she had for the rest of the month, I told her absolutely not and to have a great day.”
He respectfully declined the gesture and told Edith to have a good day. Touched by the elderly woman’s gratitude, Bobby did some thinking and eventually called the bank to ask them to transfer $200 from his bank account to Edith’s.
A coworker overheard what Bobby was doing, and he chipped in $100 as well. Eventually the whole bank joined in.
In total, $500 was put together to gift to Edith for Christmas.
“This is just something small, but just think if everybody would do something kind for someone every day,” Bobby says. “Just be kind to someone random and see the happiness in their eyes.”

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