Man and struggling mother interview for same job, he gives up his spot because she needs it more

We’ve all been there. Young, fresh out of school, and looking for work. It’s a tough job market out there! It can be a constant source of stress trying to find a stable line of employment. We’ve all got to feed ourselves somehow, and some of us have more than just ourselves to feed. Nick Jajko explores a moment in his life that all of us can relate to but with a twist. He waits for his turn in a job interview when he sees a struggling mother in the waiting room.
She brought her kids with her. Puzzled, and even maybe a little annoyed, he asks himself, “Why would you bring your kids to a job interview?” He observes her for a moment, reflecting on her unusual choice, before he decides to do this. He walks up to her, introduces himself, and does something incredibly selfless. In a world where people have to look out for themselves, it’s truly touching to see someone who can sacrifice their time and effort to better someone else’s situation.
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