Little Lad Born With Half A Skull Celebrates His Second Birthday

 A little lad born with half his skull missing has celebrated his second birthday despite his parents having been told to abort him during the pregnancy.

Jaxon Buell suffers from a rare brain malfunction called Microhydranencephaly, from which most children die before or shortly after birth.

The parents were told to abort the fetus when the condition was discovered, but refused to do so.

Jaxon's father Brandon, 31, told "He is doing very well, he is very comfortable and very happy.
"He's smiling all the time, he laughs, he's working on different things, like how to keep his head upright.

"He still has his struggles where he throws up, he still has several seizures several times a day, he's still on the smaller side at 13 pounds but he's certainly developing."

The lad has a following of almost 400,000 on Facebook as well as his own website.

Good on him, he sounds like a trooper..

Source : The LAD Bible

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