Little Boy With Dwarfism Spreads Joy To Strangers In Uniquely Beautiful Way

Grant, a 7 year old boy with Dwarfism, is touching hearts through his campaign to create awareness for dwarfism. In his latest video, he hands out flowers for free… just to make someone’s day!

Grant’s mom, Amy Pearce, is an artist who normally posts videos and tutorials to her YouTube page, recently uploaded a post of a very different nature: it was about her son, Grant. “This is an art page,” she wrote, “and he is God’s masterpiece.”

In the video, Grant explains a little bit about himself and his condition. “This is my little brother.” he says, holding his baby brother. “A lot of people think we’re twins, but he’s one. I’m six. The reason we’re the same size is because I’m a little person. It’s called dwarfism. I have my own unique path to walk. But I’m just like any other six year old!” He goes on to list all of his favorite activities in an uplifting and adorable speech!

Since then, Grant has made several videos. But, in his latest, he didn’t worry about introducing himself. Instead, he decided to bless strangers by simply passing out flowers by hand.”We wanted to make another video to raise awareness and spread a little light and happiness with flowers,” writes Mom.

It’s absolutely adorable! He runs around with a big grin on his face and flowers in hand; surprising strangers that can’t help but smile back.

Check the video below!
[Source: Youtube]

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