Latest iPhone 7 Leak Could Mean The End For Its Most Annoying Issue

As the release date for the iPhone 7 draws ever closer it seems like every day a new bit of information is ‘leaked’.

Controversial headphone jack replacement issues aside – don’t get me started – the majority of the rumoured new features actually seem to be looking pretty positive.

But this latest one could be the best news of all as a tipster has revealed that the irritatingly inadequate 16GB storage option is being discontinued, reports TheNextWeb. Hallelujah!
Apparently Apple is going to use the 32GB option as the base model. They are also said to be scrapping the 64GB version, instead skipping straight to a 128GB mid-tier and a huge 256GB model – presumably for people who control cruise missile systems while they’re on the bus.

Admittedly this isn’t the first time the rumour has surfaced, but this leak does seem pretty legitimate.

The Malignant tweeted a NAND memory spec sheet that directly addresses memory for the iPhone 7, and also reveals Toshiba will be supplying the top-end storage.
As convincing as it looks, best not to get overexcited until confirmation comes through from Apple.

It’s also worth noting that this could bring a price hike for the basic model as Apple will probably keep the 32GB and 128GB price-points while adding a heftier charge for the 256GB model.

We’ll just have to wait and see… 


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