Lad Got P*ssed In Ibiza, Splashed Out £28,500 On Something Ridiculous

Mate, you ever got pissed and bought something ridiculous? I can't think of much myself, besides the time I decided to get a in a round of Jägers in a fancy cocktail bar. *Top tip, check the price list before you make your order.*

But that doesn't compare to Davie Little, a Durham man who managed to spend almost £30k when he was pissed on a holiday in Ibiza.

He bought a bus, for reasons even he's not sure of.

Posting to Facebook, he said: "Still can't believe what I did last night in Ibiza.

"I was in Ushuaia last night absolutely loving life with not a care in the world, and the night just flew over. When I left the nightclub I took my phone out of my pocket and realised I had bought a £30,000 grand bus.

"I actually can't believe this is happening. Ibiza ruins lives!"

If he still wants to make the purchase he'll have to stump up £28,500 for the Scania Irizar Century Coach.

The Century model was due to be replaced by the Irizar i6 but given the continued popularity of the model, Irizar has continued production of the Century.

Buy it lad!

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