John Cena Took Stephen Colbert On An Extreme Training Workout And It’s The Best Thing Ever

John Cena was recently a guest on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and things get physical.

During their interview, Stephen’s series of questions was interrupted by the Late Show studio bully, Butch. The bully ruins the interview and promises to beat Stephen at the end of the show before storming off.

Now, Stephen was in a dilemma — how can he protect himself from Butch? Luckily, John Cena was willing to help. Cena then takes Colbert through a series of grueling and punishing exercises.

The whole training was supported by John Cena, high-octane cake frosting, and drinking ranch dressing from the bottle. Be sure to drink light ranch dressing though otherwise, it’s pointless.

Why is Stephen talking to him self? It’s so weird.

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[Source: Youtube]

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