If You See A Tree Or Fence Painted Purple, It's Very Important That You Back Away Quickly

Residents in Texas (along with several other states) are no strangers to seeing purple paint in wooded areas - and all can agree that they will go nowhere near it. That's because Texas allows for "No Trespassing" signs to be replaced with bright purple spray paint. How interesting!

 The reason behind the pretty spray paint color is due to the fact that "No Trespassing" signs can blow away in bad weather and are incredibly easy to tear down. With the sprawling large-acre lots all throughout Texas, owners might not realize that their sign is missing in the first place - so the spray paint has replaced the signs, since it's much more difficult to get rid of!
The color is actually knows as "No Hunting Purple" and it can easily be spotted from yards away. This is to keep trespassers aware and out of private property. This is in no way a new thing! In fact, the "Purple Paint Law" dates all the way back to 1987 in Arkansas. So if you've wandered past a purple-covered fence or gate, you've accidentally broken the law!

[Source: Youtube]

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