If You're Not A Cat Person, These 28 Abyssinian Kitties Will Change Your Mind

I'm sure that by now, most of you are aware of the fact that cats are incredibly gorgeous.

But that doesn't mean all of them are equal in that department. I think we can all agree that most cats are pretty and graceful, but some breeds are known specifically for their exquisite beauty. Take Abyssinian cats, for example.

They're very popular because of their large ears, expressive eyes, and beautifully colored fur -- and when you see for yourself just how gorgeous they really are in the photos below, you'll want to bring one home!

1. He definitely belongs in a Disney movie. Eat your heart out, Simba!
 2. This regal kitty deserves a crown.
3. I wish my hair could be even half as beautiful as their fur.

4. They're even prettier as gingers. 

 5. I'm sure this adorable critter can get away with anything.
 6. And this 15-year-old proves that Abyssinians only get prettier with age.
7. I feel like this is probably a modeling shoot.

8. Those ears!
 9. I'm so jealous that I'm not this cat.
10. I bet she gets cuddles on demand.

 11. "That's right, hooman, I own you."
 12. I would bow down to her any day.
13. Their ears make them so much more adorable.

14. I could stare into those eyes forever.
 15. Being this beautiful is exhausting.
16. I can't believe how majestic she is.

17. "Tell me I'm pretty, peasant." 
18. Anything this kitty does is bound to be graceful.

 19. She is absolutely stunning.
 20. Talk about looking right into your soul...
21. Okay, I just might have to steal this little guy.

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 22. "It's okay because I'm cute."
 23. Such a handsome gentleman.
24. I am so in love with her coloring.

 25. "Bow down to your master, puny human."
26. A face like that just screams to be loved -- and I'll happily oblige.

27. He must have been a god in a previous life. 

28. Why can't this be my kitty?

At this point, I'm pretty much convinced that the rest of my life should be spent worshipping cats -- especially Abyssinians. Who's ready to join me? 


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