Hunky firefighter saves grandma from floods, cracks up when she makes a joke about her wedding night

 Have you ever heard the coined phrase “a picture worth a thousand words”? Well picture certainly deserves that label. The captured image of a remarkably handsome firefighter rescuing an old lady is going viral all over the Internet.
Meet Shawn Wiebe, a volunteer firefighter who occasionally works for the Nanton Fire Department in High River, Atlanta.  During a series of massive floods in that region, Shawn decided to strap on his gear and work alongside the fire department. There he did his best to protect people in danger and prevent further damage from the floods. One afternoon, Shawn was able to save an old lady in the floods. Quick on his feet, Shawn knew the old lady could not walk herself in the water, so he decided to carry her on his arms.
What makes this photo even more sensational is the context behind the firefighter’s smile. As Shawn carried the old lady, she said “I haven’t been carried like this since my wedding day(.)”. You can’t help but laugh at her quote, and neither could Shawn, as he cracks a smile at the right moment for the photograph taken.
The old lady was rescued and brought to safety. Shawn and the rest of the firefighters continued to help rescue other people caught in the massive floods.
Shawn quickly gained popularity, not only in his local neighborhood, but across the Internet and around the country! “It’s quite overwhelming(.)”, says Shawn.
To see the full interview with Shawn Wiebe after his rescue, watch the video below!
[Source: Youtube]

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