Horses haven't seen each other since they were foals, share beautiful, tearjerking reunion

It’s hard to imagine life without our friends. They are always there for us, regardless of circumstances, and we can always rely on them for support. When we’re separated from our friends, it’s a touching and emotional goodbye because of how much they mean to us. Animals are no different.
Arthur, William, and Harry are three horses who were the best of friends. But back in 2012, Arthur was sold and separated from the others because of financial circumstances. After not seeing each other since they young foals and spending three years apart, the trio is reunited at last in the video below.
Now the question is, what happens when they’re reunited? The result is incredibly touching.
Sue, their owner, arranged for the wonderful reunion in an English field where William an Harry had once lived for a brief period of time. She partnered with filmmaker Bruce Selkirk to document this reunion of old friends on camera. The five-minute film below was heavily edited down from nearly an hour of unbelievable footage.
What makes this reunion extra special and precious is the fact that Mustons Field, the place where all three horses grew up together, had been sold at the time of this reunion. There was nothing about the field that was familiar to them, except for the souls and lifelong memories that they experienced there.
Recently, Sue posted an updated: “It is now April 2015 and I thought I would give you an update. Arthur, William and Harry are still all together and very happy, so am I! We now have a wonderful home in South Dartmoor where we run Adventures with Horses, Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning.”
I honestly didn’t think I could fall in more love with horses, but this video just convinced me how extraordinary these majestical animals are.
Let us know what you think about this reunion in the comments below. Do you know of any other animals that remember each other and have emotions like these horses?
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