High school jock takes friend with Down Syndrome to prom, he promised he'd do this back in 4th grade

 When Mary Lapkowicz and Ben Moser made a pact in 4th grade to go to their prom together, the pair promised that they would always remember this agreement and follow through when the big day finally came around.

Becoming friends in 2nd grade, Mary and Ben shared an incredible bond with one and other.

 Two years after meeting each other, the pair had agreed to share their big prom night together when the time came.
“Ben was always the energetic kid in the class who always looked out for Mary and wanted to make sure she was included in all activites,” Ben’s mom Lisa told BuzzFeed News.
Ben was inspired to take Mary to Prom in fourth grade after seeing his cousin go to the dance, and was always excited for the day to come when he could finally go with his friend.

 In order to finally make that pact a reality, Ben surprised Mary at her home with a balloon labeled “Prom?”
“I was going to go with some friends,” Mary replied to Ben in shock from the big surprise.
When the big day finally came around, Ben and Mary got ready and attended Mary’s Central Dauphin High School Prom.

 “Ben would always keep and eye out for Mary, making sure she was smiling and happy. I referred to Mary as ‘Little Mary Sunshine’ because she was the sunshine in our classroom. The entire experience of that fourth grade year was a very positive learning experince for the entire classroom and I am so proud to have been part of it,” one of Mary’s teachers, Tracey Spogli, told BuzzFeed News.
Ben’s mother has always taught her children to “put others first,” and in this case, Ben has been putting Mary first since the day they met.

“My heart just overflows with love watching (Mary and Ben) tell the story of their friendship,” Lisa added in.
Ben was uninterested in the publicity behind taking Mary to prom.

Instead, he was just excited to finally fulfill his pact with Mary that they had created almost 10 years back.
Having followed through with their first agreement, Ben and Mary’s amazing friendship will only get better as they move forward.

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