Here's Why The Pool At The Olympics Turned Green

Last night, as us European lot rushed home, scoffed our tea, and switched on our Television sets millions of us tuned into the Olympics and watched as the female diving teams flipped and dove and splashed.

However, as mind-boggling as synchronised diving can be, one question dominated the entirety of the diving events yesterday – why was the pool now a toxic looking green?
It wasn’t that colour on Monday so why did the Maria Lenk Aquatic Centre now resemble a harrowing deleted scene from Deliverance.

According to The Guardian, even Tom Daley was puzzled, tweeting a picture of the diving pool’s murky green swamp water adjacent to the crystal clear polo pool on the left – showing the radical difference. 
But why, in all seriousness, did the pool go fucking green?

Well according to Jim’s Pool Care – a pool service franchise in Australia – they have the answer, or at least the most probably one: a lack of sanitation.

Hm, a lack of sanitation (and thus algae) is probably not the best way to start the fourth day of the Rio Olympics… 

 The national manager of Jim’s Pool Care, Brett Blair, said:

It’s a very curious one, because the main reason a pool normally goes green is lack of sanitation. The scary part is how at a world event, a pool could go green. It’s unbelievable.

You just had to make sure the pool was okay. Where is that guy? Where is the guy looking after the pool?

He added that because the pool is ‘way too big’ the filtration system may not have been able to cope, or alternatively it may have simply failed.

The Olympic committee are expected to release a statement in the near future.

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