Here's What Famous Olympics Meme Kayla Maroney Is Up To Now

 Remember McKayla Maroney from London 2012? She was part of the 'Fierce Five' and she absolutely smashed it. She picked up a gold and a silver medal in gymnastics.

She also became pretty famous for pulling a pretty fucking disappointed face while being stood on the podium with her silver medal.

And she quickly became a meme because of it...

Earlier this year, aged just 20, McKayla announced her that she would not be competing in gymnastics anymore, after having several injuries and undergoing painful surgery. But with around 40 odd years of working life still in front of her, she had to come up with a plan B, so this week she's launched her music career, with a new single due out next month, US Weekly reports.

And, if her Instagram account is anything to go by, then she certainly seems to be a lot happier now than she did when she stood on that podium in 2012.

And you can't argue with that.

Words Claire Reid

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