Here's How iOS 10 Is Going To Change Your iPhone

 It’s that time of year when Apple teases us all with the upcoming list of their features on their brand spanking new operating system, iOS 10.

Apple have already claimed that iOS 10, which isn’t out until later this year, is the ‘biggest release ever’ and it boasts a whole raft of new special features.

According to Insights, Apple obsessive John Gruber has tested the new system and claims that the improvements are all ‘very practical,’ and that the theme of the update is ‘common sense prevails’.
Here are the coolest new features…

iOS 10 will get rid of the old slide to unlock feature because most people now use the TouchID fingerprint sensor.

Apple fans rejoice, because they can finally delete most of Apple’s terrible built-in apps that eat up your memory.

You can also now manage your music collection on your iPhone more easily with a new button that wipes music off the device, allowing you to optimise your music library.

The photo app’s also getting an upgrade and it’ll now recognise people and places when you search through your photos – so if you search ‘bridge’, for instance, it’ll return photos of bridges on your phone. 
 Siri will now be able to transcribe voicemail too, so you can read it like a text message.

And there’ll be no more nuisance calls thanks to your phone now warning you when it thinks the person calling you might be a spammer.
The message app is also getting a few improvements including new animations, sticker apps, and even a really cool sounding hidden message system with ‘invisible ink.’

iPhones will even now remember where you parked your car through Apple Maps, while the flashlight on the iPhone will have different intensity settings too.

All sounds good to us!


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