Heartbroken Dog Grieving Over Lost Pal, Befriended By Duck And The Two Become Inseparable.

When George the dog lost his best friend Blackie a few months ago, he fell into a depression that just wouldn’t lift. The elderly pup spent his days overwhelmed with sadness, crying and moping around the house mourning the pal he’d loved for 12 years.

His owner, Jacquie Litton started to worry that George would never be the same… but all that changed with a new friend waddled into his life.

Out of the blue, a friendly duck appeared on the porch of their Tennessee home.

The duck, dubbed Donald, was just the thing old George needed to go on.

The unlikely pair has been inseparable ever since.
“We have no idea where this duck came from but he sure does love George and since the duck has arrived George has not cried one time,” Litton wrote on Facebook. “It is strange for a duck to just appear at our house and be attached to your dog and even more strangely the anniversary week of Blackie’s passing.”
George even gave up his bed for his new friend.

George seems like his old self again.

There's nothing like a friend. Even if they're a little quacky.
“Since the duck has showed up, he’s been fine,” Litton told news station WKOW. “He’s not wanted in the house. He’s not whined. He’s not meeting you at the car, ya know, looking sad.”
Who knows what inspired a duck to stick by this pup’s side… but it certainly seems meant to be.

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