He's known as "the singing nurse" - goes around hospital soothing patients with his lovely voice

Meet Jared Axen. He works as a registered nurse at the Valencia Hospital in California. Although he’s young, he’s gained a reputation among the elderly patients for one thing: his singing.
Jared loves singing old hymns and songs, and he would always be singing as he was walking down the hall. One day, one of Jared’s elderly patients told him how much he enjoyed his singing, saying it helped ease her pain. So Jared decided to take requests and start singing for his patients.
The elderly patients’ reaction to Jared’s singing is just heartwarming to witness. It’s not every day you see a nurse bring his patients to tears by how soothing his voice is. His patients love him so much that he’s now known as the “Angel sent from heaven.”.
When asked about the incident, Jared responded,
“A hospice is not about giving up. It is about making those final months, weeks, days, and hours, the most meaningful.”
He’s a shining light in a world that appears dark at times. The world needs more people like Jared.
[Source: Youtube]

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