Guy Trolls Online Blackjack Dealers In Best Way Possible

 In probably one of the most childish, yet hilarious pranks of all time a guy decided to troll some online blackjack dealers.

A man went around to various online blackjack tables playing under the name Peter Ennis, which abbreviates to P. Ennis. You can probably guess what happens next.

 In a move which would give Bart Simpson and his classic pranks calls of Moe a run for their money, the blackjack dealers then refer to him by first initial, then his last name.

Instead of the good ol’ days where you’d have to play against the computer, these are just regular people at the other end, so you can imagine their reactions.

A lot of them struggle to hold it together as they say ‘Welcome, Penis’:

 While others just have a little giggle to themselves:

 And some just don’t get the joke (spoilsports):

You can watch the full video below:

[Source: Youtube]

Gotta love a classic prank like this.

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