Guy's Cheating Gets Exposed By His Two Girlfriends In Brutal Facebook Live

Fucking hell, I wouldn't want to be this bloke right now. Why? Well, he only went and got caught out for two-timing a pair of girls, and not just that the two of them Facebook Lived the entire thing.

The guy was two-timing a pair of girls in America, but learned that it was a bad idea the hard way when the girls teamed up to expose him.

The two of them found out what he was doing when his 'main girlfriend' looked through his phone and saw that he'd been texting someone else.
[Source: Youtube]
Rather than getting pissed off at her, she decided to get in contact and the two of them then hatched the plan to humiliate the cheat using the best weapon they had available: the internet.

The decided to catch the lad red handed by getting him to come to his 'side girl's' house with Chinese food, but when he showed up the two of them were waiting.

Bet he was gutted when it happened, he just wanted to shoot the shit and eat some Chinese food with his bit on the side, but he ended up getting dumped by two girls at the same time.

The video captured the exact moment the lad proverbially shits himself, then he gets really defensive about what's going on. They give him a bollocking about what he's been doing to them, then he pisses off with his tail between his legs.

Moral of the story: don't cheat.

Source : The LAD Bible

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