Girl Wakes Up Convinced She's Choking On A Penis After Having Wisdom Teeth Removed

I'm yet to have my wisdom teeth extracted, but if the day comes I'm sure as shit not having any members of my family around afterwards. YouTube is filled with videos of people having hallucinations and saying crazy stuff following a dentist putting them out.

The latest video to emerge is of a girl - clearly still out of it - hallucinating that she's choking. When her concerned parents press her on what she's choking on, they get an answer that must have ended any perception they had of their daughter's continued innocence.

[Source: Youtube]

She responds: "I'm choking on a big fat black dick!"

She then begins chanting 'BBC!!! BBC!!! BBC!!!' - by which I can assume she means 'big black cock'.

The mum tries to laugh the thing off and get her in the car, only for the girl to dismiss her mum as a 'crazy lady'. The video ends with her family still trying to wrestle her into the car.

It's safe to assume once they did get her home and she recovered, she regretted not asking a friend to come to the dentist instead.

Source : The LAD Bible

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