Girl gives Mom's boyfriend a gift at her grad party: it's a box filled with adoption papers

 For Lauren Hernandez, her mother’s boyfriend Joe Losco had always been a father figure for her as she was growing up.
Having been with her mother for over 17 years, Joe had always been there to help Lauren when she needed it.
 “When your kids are born, you automatically love them. He chose to do for her what he does for his biological daughters,” Lauren’s mother Sally Hernandez told CBS.
For that reason, Lauren decided it was time to make things official when she surprised Joe with the question of a lifetime at her own graduation party.
Packaged up in a white box and wrapped up within a pink towel, Joe was greeted with a framed poem that thanked him for all his support through the years.
 As Joe dug further into the box, he noticed an envelope containing a large stack of documents.
As he fished the envelope out of the box and pulled the papers out, he sank to the floor when as he realized what they were for. With a small chuckle, Joe fell to the floor and began crying into his arm as he held the adoption papers for Lauren.
 “I never doubted that he was my dad. The fact that it’s going to be official makes me happy,” Lauren told CBS reporters.
 Lauren was officially asking Joe to become her legal father, and the emotional rush from the moment even had Lauren in tears as he read the documents.
Having come from a broken family himself, Joe always wanted to do his best to ensure no child in his life ever felt unloved. For that reason, Joe always treated Lauren like she was his own child.
For Joe, Lauren’s desire for him to officially be her father made him a very happy man.
“[The adoption papers were] one of the best things I’ve ever received in my life,” Joe happily said.
Joe and Lauren will always remain close, and now with the documentation to support it, they will truly always be father and daughter.
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