Fugitive Arrested After Four Months On The Run Wearing Old Man Mask

 A real life Scooby-Doo style arrest has taken place after a fugitive on the run for drugs trafficking disguised himself using an old man mask.

Shaun Miller, 31, was indicted back in April for possession and intent to sell heroin but dropped off the police radar for months as cops searched for a 31-year-old looking man.

Little did they know Miller, who also goes by the name of Shizz, had been hiding out at a house in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts, wearing his old man mask whenever he left the house.
 Police tracked Miller to the house but when they surrounded it and ordered anyone inside to come out, they were surprised to see what they thought was an elderly man emerge.

Evidently they knew something was up, pulled off his mask and placed him under arrest.
Inside the house cops also found two loaded guns and $30,000 in cash. Presumably cash he was going to invest in a mask-making business.

Four months on the run disguised as an old man? Not bad going in all honesty. This guy isn't as thick as he looks.

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