Flesh Eating 'Cannibal' Drug Sparks Zombie Outbreak Fears At Rio Olympics

 As the world hurtles from calamity to calamity, it’s become somewhat inevitable that a horde of cannibalistic zombies will eventually rise up and consume us all.

Now the Daily Star have confirmed all our worst fears, reporting that there are fears of a ‘zombie apocalypse’ after Brazilian police seized a colossal stash of bath salts.

Officers are now trying to clear the streets of the drug which they’ve branded ‘Cannibal’.

 Bath salts, also known as Methylone, became infamous in the earlier part of this decade after users took part in a spate of high profile ‘cannibalistic attacks’.

Most notably, one user in Miami supposedly attacked a homeless man and ‘ate his face’ while high on the drug which has been known to cause violent and psychotic episodes.

Police in Brazil believe that dealers were planning on selling the bath salts to ravers at a party in the municipality of Caucaia.

 Along with the bath salts, which were seized earlier this month, police also arrested several people for drug trafficking and confiscated 5kg of marijuana, 75 points LCD and more than 400 ecstasy tablets.

Detectives have grown concerned that youngsters in Brazil may confuse bath salts for MDMA and are warning that the effects of the drug are poorly understood.

A police spokesperson said: 

The methylone has even more dangerous effects, it causes the user the effect of cannibalism, according to reports in the United States, in Miami.

Now, as thousands of Olympic spectators come to Rio, police are being put on high alert over fears that drug users could potentially become violent.

To help protect the spectators from zombies, 88,000 police officers are pounding Rio’s pavements while the games are on.

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