Fisherman's Giant 'Lucky' Pearl Is Actually Worth An Unreal Amount Of Money

Look at the size of that pearl. It's fucking massive.

According to reports, this particular pearl is worth an eye-watering £76million ($100million). It was found by a fisherman off the coast of Palawan Island, Philippines but for the last ten years he's been keeping it under his bed as a 'good luck charm'.

Well, it's certainly worked hasn't it.

Weirdly, he hadn't the foggiest that this pearl was worth so much money. Earlier this year, his wooden house went up in flames so he had to move properties. It was only then that he decided to hand it over to a local tourism officer in Puerto Princesca. They have confirmed that is was found in a giant clam and is five times bigger than the previous record-holder.

To be specific, it's 1ft foot wide and 2.2 feet long. Damn.

Aileen Cynthia Amurao, a local tourism officer told the Mirror: "The fisherman threw the anchor down and it got stuck on a rock during a storm.

"He noticed that it was lodged on a shell and swam down to pull up the anchor, and also brought the shell with him. This was a decade ago and he kept it at home. He didn't know how much it was worth and kept it tucked away at home as a simple good luck charm.

"We were amazed when he brought it to us. We now need help from gemologists to fully certify it. We're waiting for authentication from Gemologist Institute and other international authorities. But we believe Puerto Princesca is likely earn another prestigious title and a record breaker for having the world's biggest natural giant pearl from a giant clam.

"We will keep this here in the Philippines and I hope it will bring more tourists to the city."

Hang on, I hope the fisherman gets some cash for this?! He's not been named as of yet, but surely he should get a cut... right?

Source : The LAD Bible

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