Fears Of Russian Invasion As Putin Masses Tanks On Europe's Doorstep

 Tensions in Crimea might be about to get a lot more strained, after more Russian tanks and army personnel were sent to the north of the region.

The area, which was taken over as part of the Russian invasion in March 2014, is seeing increased military activity after one Russian was reportedly killed in a border shootout.

This comes only weeks after military experts warned that World War Three could break out ‘overnight’, as both NATO and Russia have increased their presence in the Baltics.

Deputy chairman of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis, Nariman Dzhelalov, confirmed the tanks’ arrival.

He wrote on Facebook:

Witnesses report that large groups of Russian military hardware have been massed near Armyansk and Dzhankoy. Dzhankoy has been cordoned off by troops with tanks and other equipment.

 Russia also closed its checkpoints along the Crimean border with Ukraine on Sunday morning, The Daily Star reports.

Russian news site All Crimea blamed yesterday’s shootout on Ukrainians trying to infiltrate Crimea, but Ukrainian authorities described that as ‘nonsense’.

Spokesman for the Ukrainian army, Vladyslav Seleznyov, went on to say that Russia had made ‘provocative and untrue’ claims.

 He said:

We are closely monitoring all processes taking place in the annexed territory of Crimea and will adequately respond to any aggressive action.

YouTube footage showed a massive convoy of military vehicles entering the region, with armoured trucks and troop transport seen passing through the city of Kerch near the Russian border.

With NATO already conducting operations in Poland to deter such an invasion, could this be a sign that World War Three is imminent?

Lets hope not.

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