Fan-Made Pokemon Game Releases After Years Of Work

Pokemon Uranium is an entirely new, fan-made Pokemon experience that is finally available to play after nine years of work.

There are plenty of cool fan-made Pokemon efforts of course, but this is one of the most impressive by far, offering up a new tropical region, the ability to chat with your ‘mon, a new type (Nuclear), and 150 new Pokemon.

Graphically, Pokemon Uranium resembles DS games Black & White, but with some cool enhancements and really quite lovely lighting effects.

The new Pokemon are… interesting, but no worse than some of the weird new ones that are being thrown our way in Sun & Moon for the 3DS.

In terms of story, you play as a young Pokemon trainer on a quest to collect 8 gym badges and battle against a mysterious threat that’s causing nuclear meltdowns – it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but Pokemon doesn’t need to.

Plus, it already sounds more interesting than the absolute non-story that we were subjected to in Pokemon X & Y – check out the trailer below.

[Source: Youtube]

One of the coolest aspects of Pokemon Uranium though, is the ability to battle and trade online – something that we don’t really ever see in Pokemon hacks/fan-made projects.

I’m sure Nintendo will come at this project with a takedown notice soon enough, but it’s already out there and downloaded by plenty of gamers, so it might be too late.

If you fancy checking it out before the Big N gets hold of it, you can download Pokemon Uranium on PC (for free) right here.

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