Eleven-Year-Old Boy Steals Bus, Takes It For A Joyride Around Town

An 11-year-old boy has gone on a joyride in Germany after stealing a bus, with the reprobate managing to pick up three passengers during his journey.

He took the bus out for a spin after spotting it whilst repairs were being carried out on it in the Bavarian city of Ingolstadt and decided to take it for a ride.

According to local news site Donaukurier, the youth knew exactly what button opened the front door to allow people to get on - and he was willing to use it.

Bavarian police have reported that the boy headed off down a street before pulling over at a bus stop to pick up passengers, with three getting on despite the youngster's age. The young lad was eventually caught out when a man waiting for a bus saw the vehicle being driven dangerously. While with police, the youngster said how much he loves buses - a passion he has had since the age of three - and explained that he would love to drive one again in the future.
A police spokesman said: "Fortunately, the bus ride went without causing major damage to the boy and other road users." Officers are still trying to work out what caused a dent in the front of the vehicle, which amounted to an estimated €1,000 (£850) in repair costs. Police added that no one had come forward to report damage to their own car, suggesting that if the boy had caused the damage, he didn't hit another vehicle.

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