Don't throw away your old VHS tapes, here's how you can transfer them to your computer

Remember VHS tapes? I’m sure you do. It’s those big, black, rectangular plastic boxes that are full of embarrassing home videos. Now you remember, right? It’s been a while since any of us have used one of those to watch movies or videos, and if you’re like me, they’re probably stashed in your attic somewhere.
But even though VHS tapes are a thing of the past as well as the VCR player in which they play, it doesn’t mean that the footage on these tapes has to disappear, too. In the clip below, you’ll learn about a very simple way to transfer VHS film to your computer, and it’s something everyone who’s lived in the 70s, 80s, and even 90s needs to know.
The video, courtesy of, shows an easy way to record old analog VHS home moves on your computer. All you need is some free time and a simple cable. Now I know this might sound daunting at first, but trust me, if I can do it, then I’m sure you can follow along with these instructions. The man in the video recommends using the Elgato Video Capture adapter, which is compatible with any computer, PC or Mac.
The VHS stands for Video Home System and it was developed by the Victor Company of Japan back in the 1970s. Since the turn of the millennium, disc formats such has the DVD began to take a stronger share of the market for its ability to offer better quality (HD) in a more compact manner. These days VHS is commonly referred to as a “dead format.”
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