Dog is chained to house amidst a flood, news team drops everything to help rescue it

On June 1st, The Brazos River in Texas rose to its highest level since 1913 in an area outside of Houston, leaving many damaged roads and buildings in its wake. Amidst the rising water levels, a dog was left chained to her owner’s front porch when a couple of cameramen spotted her in the distance. She was chained to the front porch of a house, left to drown.
The floods were brought on by a slow-moving storm system resulting in massive rainfall in various parts of Texas. Areas of Southeastern Texas received up to 20 inches of rain over the Memorial Day weekend. After the floods killed six people, mandatory evacuations were ordered along the Brazos River. Trying to capture the footage of the evacuated towns, a news crew was passing through when they saw a dog with her head just barely above the water. They swiftly came to her rescue. The pooch was a little bewildered when she was plopped onto the bed of the truck but clearly very relieved.
The news crew brought her over to the Houston Humane Society where they named her “Archer” after the KPRC2 reporter who rescued her, Phil Archer. One HHS employee said they had gotten her just in time and that “it could have been a matter of minutes or a matter hours, but she wouldn’t have lasted very much longer.” Archer was just one of hundreds of rescues made because of the recent floods, but she sure is a happy dog because of it. Because of her close call rescue, dozens of inquiries have already been made to adopt her. The shelter says that she is “not available yet” but will be soon.
Watch the rescue in the video below.
[Source: Youtube]

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