Disney Princess Notices Little Girl Is Deaf, Uses Sign Language To Make Her Day

 Disneyland is regarded by everyone as the “happiest” place on earth and it truly was a wonderful experience for a little child visiting from Wales named Summer.

 Summer recently paid a visit to the Disney theme park located in Paris alongside her mother to experience the magic every child has dream about. The magic truly happened for Summer when they were greeted by a real life prince and princesses, but it wasn’t seeing the characters that brought that magic. It was what a specific princess did.
Summer, suffering from a hearing impairment leaving her deaf, had difficulties interacting with the characters. This was when Princess Ariel from the Little Mermaid began to realize Summer’s situation and decides to mitigate the difficulties. What she does next leaves the mother and child in awe.
 Ariel making sure that the child isn’t left out, impressively offers her help through her knowledge of sign language. This enabled the child to joyfully interact with her favorite characters. The interaction caught on camera captures a big smile on the child’s face as she is in the happiest place on earth.
In the video, Ariel starts by introducing herself in sign language where she immediately baffles the child. You can see her amazed reaction in the image below.
 Shortly after Ariel introduces herself, she starts teaching the other Disney royalties how to communicate their names to the child. The Disney princess Ariel acted as a translator for Summer, allowing this moment to be unforgettable.
In the image below, you can see Belle and The Beast in the process of learning their names in sign language.
 “I think she’s a bit baffled that you know,” the mother told Ariel. The group smiles as they proceed their wonderful act.
In the image below, you can catch Summer with a huge smile on her face.
We can’t help but applaud this performer for taking the extra steps to make sure every child is included in the Disney experience. It is experiences like this where the “magic” at Disneyland really is felt. If you want to watch the whole video, you can find it below.

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