Desperate mother goose begs police officer for help

 James Givens has worked as a police officer in Cincinnati, Ohio, for 26 years. During his career he has helped many people - but on Monday, he responded to a more unusual kind of emergency. It was certainly a one of a kind situation - never before had a goose called James for help.

He was sitting in his police car, when a goose suddenly came towards him, calling out to him desperately. James threw some food toward her, but she appeared uninterested and continued quacking instead.

She then she walked away, stopping and looked back, and shouting toward the police car again. Shen then made her way back to James. By now, it was clear she wanted his help.

As the goose began walking away once more, James decided to follow her. She led him to a lawn about a 100 meters away. Now James understood why she was upset. Her baby was laying on the grass, stuck in a balloon cord.

At the beginning, James didn’t dare approach the duckling, fearing that its mother would attack him. But his partner, Cecilia Charron, came in to help. He lifted the baby goose and began untying the noose.
 Amazingly, the mother seemed to understand that they were there to help – and didn’t show any aggressiveness toward them.
 When the baby was at last free, Cecilia put her on the ground, so that they could swim away together.
It seemed almost too incredible to be true. The goose had come to the police car asking for help.

“I don’t even know why I went after her, but I did it. It really makes me wonder – do they know that they can turn to people when they need help?” James said following the incident.

Below you can see a film when Cecilia saves the little kid.

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