Deputy helps parents deliver their baby, they thank deputy with special photoshoot dedicated to him

 When Deputy Constable Mark Diebold stopped Destiny and Caleb Hall on a Texas highway, he assumed he was about to deal with another usual traffic violation.
As he came to the couple’s car door, he immediately learned that Destiny was beginning labor and they were rushing to the hospital for her delivery.
 When Deputy Deibold understood the situation, he quickly got back into his car, turned his lights and siren on in an attempt to escorted the couple’s car to the hospital.
It quickly became apparent, though, that Destiny was about to deliver her baby girl at any minute. Getting to the hospital as no longer an option for the couple and the Deputy.
“[Caleb] started screaming for me and I ran to the passenger side. There were no complications. He caught the baby, I cleared the airway and she started crying,” the officer explained when recalling the tense situation.
 With the Deputy by his side, Caleb was able to help assist Destiny in delivering the baby safely. In an instance, Evelyn Joy Debora Hall had entered the world in the hands of her father and Deputy Diebold.
“I wrapped her in a blanket and put her on mom. It was an awesome experience,” the Deputy added.
Having shared this incredible experience, the Hall family grew to be close to Deputy Diebold.
 “We’ve been to lunch with him, met his family. It blew me away of how much this meant to him and his family. They were in tears. So I really wanted to give him something to memorialize this day…something sweet to have. This event was really life-changing,” Destiny said.
For this reason, Destiny reached out to a specialized newborn photographer by the name of Cyndi Williams to have a special set of pictures commissioned for the Deputy.
“Just all the negative stuff that’s out there right now [about law enforcement], it was such a feel-good story for me because my own mother and sister are both police officers in Louisiana,” said photographer Cyndi Williams.
For Cyndi, this photoshoot was a great reminder of the amazing sacrifice some officers of the law make for the people in a community. Since the subject matter was so close to her heart, Cyndi even offered to do the photoshoot entirely free of charge.
For Deputy Diebold, the photos from this shoot acted as a constant reminder for why he has been on the force for a whopping 23 years.
Moments such as this one are the very motivation the Deputy uses to serve his community, and helping deliver Evelyn to the world will definitely be a highlight for him.

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