Crystal Maze Is Making A Spectacular Return To Television

 If you were brought up watching Crystal Maze, you’ll know it’s one of the finest programmes to ever grace our television screens. 

After 21 years away, the Channel 4 show is set to make a spectacular return as early as this autumn.

Not only are we being treated to the return of a childhood favourite, but much-loved Doctor Who star David Tennant is also being lined up to present the show.
 A source told The Sun:

Even two decades after it last aired, there are very few shows that have been as magical and action-packed as The Crystal Maze. It is still remembered extremely fondly today.

Channel 4 are hoping to tap into that nostalgia and believe viewers will jump at the chance to finally take on the show’s adventurous challenges themselves.
The initial plan is to run a one-off celebrity special for Channel 4’s Stand Up To Cancer charity programming, which will air in October.

But providing that rakes in the viewers (which it will, let’s be honest, it’s fucking Crystal Maze), there’s no way producers will be able to resist bringing it back permanently.


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