Courtroom Is Moved To Tears When Judge Allows Inmate To Meet His Baby For The First Time

Remember Amber Wolf? She's the Kentucky judge who got seriously pissed off when she found out that a female inmate had been denied pants and sanitary products for three days. Well, Judge Wolf is making headlines yet again after she decided to screw court procedure and let an inmate meet his 1-month-old son for the first time. Here's the emotional moment that moved pretty much everyone to tears...

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James Roeder and his wife, Ashley Roeder, are both charged as co-defendants in the same burglary, and as such, have been ordered not to have contact with each other. While they were separated, Ashley gave birth to their child, who is now one month old.

Wolf was just about to wrap up a hearing for James and commence a hearing for Ashley when she decided to ask the mother if she'd like to introduce the baby to his father:

"I saw her try to hold the baby up when he came out for his case to be called with his attorney," Wolf told WDRB. "And I thought that he hadn’t seen that. And it occurred to me after we finished this case that he had not met his baby -- who was 30 days old -- and that he was not going to get an opportunity to meet his baby anytime in the near future."
Ashley said yes and the judge called James back in to the courtroom where the emotional meeting took place. Judge Wolf described the decision as "probably one of the best things I've ever done:"

"It wasn't really a judge thing. I think it was just more of a human thing. He hadn’t met his baby. And I could see that his wife wanted him to see the baby. And I know from previous interactions from Mr. Roeder that he had been very concerned about being able to meet his baby prior to it being born. And I just saw an opportunity that I didn't want to squander."

"I think there were a lot of tears," she said. "I think a lot of people were touched by it. Mr. Roeder -- obviously, I don’t know what you can see on that video -- but there were a lot of tears coming from him. There were tears coming from Mrs. Roeder as well. And it was hard for me to hold back the tears also.  I think everybody was a little bit touched by it, and I just hope it gave him a little bit of closure and impacted him in a positive manner."

More judges like this, please! 

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