Couple Dance Onstage, But A Woman Suddenly Interrupts. Focus On The Left Side Of The Stage…

Gary and Charlotte are two phenomenal dancers, and their moves will knock the socks right off your feet!
They have been dancing together for most of their lives, and the chemistry is on display in each of their performances. Gary and Charlotte have toured across the country, participating in competition after competition and winning numerous awards and accolades.
In the video below, the two step onstage at Chicago’s Windy City Jitterbug Club. With “Me and Bobby McGee,” playing in the background, they put on an unforgettable performance for the crowd.
This particular performance is special because there’s a surprise midway. Out of nowhere, a third woman, Debbie Wheelis, jumps out of her seat in the crowd and joins the couple onstage. She shows skill in her steps, and the crowd lights up at the unexpected surprise.
[Source: Youtube]

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