Cop Sees A Lifeless Dog Lying On The Road, Then Realizes The Horrifying Truth...

Officer Nick Ague, in 2103, heard on his radio that two dogs were in a car that had been involved in a devastating crash near Palmyra, PA. When he arrived on the scene, one of the dogs, a border collie was immediately caught. The other dog, a German shepherd named, Mya, got away and was seen running across town.

After searching, Mya was discovered near the county line. The officers soon realized Mya couldn’t walk, she was completely exhausted, and her paws were bloody and sore. Ague managed to get close enough the terrified May and then he did the most incredible thing – he picked up the 75-pound dog and carried her back to her owners’ car – which was over 200 yards away!

Take a look at this video
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A powerful photo of Ague carrying the exhausted dog to safety received thousands of comments on Facebook! Mya has fully recovered from her ordeal, and Mya’s mom will always be grateful! Share away, people.

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