Celebs At High School Prom. Beyonce Looks Incredible In That Dress

 Before they became red carpet stars, celebrities got all dolled to take their dates to prom, just like we did. But unlike us regular folk who probably hide any evidence of our cringe worthy prom pictures, celebrities don’t have it as easy all thanks to the internet. Some of the celebrities featured in this gallery include:

  • Will Ferrell
  • Matthew McConaughey
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Beyonce

In dresses and tuxedos that were totally representative of the era, some of these celebrities look unrecognizable beside their prom dates, who probably had no idea that they were standing next to a future star, while others look like their older selves whom we’ve all come to know and love.

Here is a gallery of some of our favorite celebrities from their memorable night at their high school prom.

Of course the hilarious Will Ferrel would willingly wear a princess tiara to his prom.
 The young Matthew McConaughey still looks like the hunk that he is today. The blue bow-tie was a definitely a good call to bring out the actors blue eyes.
 Wearing and all black suit beside his prom date, Trey Songz once said that his girlfriend cleaned up his eyebrows for before prom in an interview with MTV.
 The fashion icon, Kim Kardashian, wore a fresh updo and a beautiful white gown for the final event of her senior year.
 Ellen DeGeneres once wore a tablecloth-looking dress to her prom. Thankfully, the daytime television talk show host is much mores stylish today than she was back in the day.
 Do you recognize the celeb in this prom picture? It might be difficult considering that her outfits today are nothing short of outrageous. Remember when Lady Gaga wore the meat dress? Well, here she is wearing an unusually simple gown to her prom.
 The ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ singer, Britney Spears, looked super cute wrapping up her final year of high school in a red and white halter dress.
 Even at her prom, Rihanna could wear anything and still make it look effortlessly great.
 Taylor Swift kept it sweet and classy with beautiful white dress to compliment her stunning dangle earrings. There could be a song written about her prom date somewhere in her collection of 11 albums.
 Here is Brad Pitt's super formal prom photo.
 Meet Lyndall Locke, Beyonce's very first boyfriend who she met at youth church. In a beautifully cut-out dress, Beyonce proves that she's always been one of the best dressed.
 The late rapper, Tupac Shakur, wore a white tuxedo that matched his prom date's pretty sheer white gown.
 The hilarious Ashton Kutcher rocked the dancefloor with his unique looking haircut and a very classy tuxedo.
 In 1996, the basketball player, Kobe Bryant, took the R&B singer, Brandy to prom.
 Who wouldn’t smile that big if their prom date was the one and only George Clooney? We sure would.
 Even in her prom photo, the American super model, Tyra Banks, had to strike a fierce pose.

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