Cats show up at this man's door everyday, have a hilarious routine planned for him

One day, a stray kitten visited a man’s house. Hungry and lost, this poor kitty was looking for food. Fortunately, the man was kind enough to feed the kitty, but he had no idea it would escalate and lead to the following…
The following day, the same kitten returned, but he brought friends. Two more kittens tagged along, and the man fed all three. Now, more days have passed, and the man has found himself feeding the entire neighborhood of stray kittens!
YouTuber karmanno released the video below back in December. In it, he records the countless stray kittens waiting outside his door for food. When he opens the door, the kittens purr and meow loudly, waiting for the generous man to feed them. Then, he throws them a huge mess of food, and they instantly quiet down.  At first he felt sorry for the lone cat who was hungry. Now he questions if that was a good idea.
What do you think? Should the man have fed the first cat that showed up at his door? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
[Source: Youtube]

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