‘Bros Being Basic’ Features Guys Who Hilariously Recreate Women’s Cliched Photos

“Coffee. Brosé. Pizza. Repeat.” So runs the tagline for the @brosbeingbasic Instagram account which takes aim at all those cliche-ridden shots that you find on Instagram and across the entire internet.

You know the ones ladies, the tanned hotdog legs in exotic climes, the relaxing in the tub with face mask on and glass of wine in hand. Friend pyramids, #SquadGoals, a pic of you and the gals caught jumping in mid air.

Nobody’s life is really like that. But this is the social media-augmented world we live in, where we edit our lives like a picture editor does a magazine shoot.

Here to bring everything crashing back to reality, and show how ridiculous these photos can be, is the Bros Being Basic Instagram account.

Proving that when it comes down to it, guys can do basic just as good as the females.

Take it away, bros.

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