Brand New Pics Prove Lindsey Lohan Is Hot Again

#1 Lindsey Lohan Was In The Spotlight Since Day One

Lindsey Lohan was loved by everyone since she was a little girl. She appeared in numerous movies as a child, but little did she know- she would have a very tumultuous career.

 #2 She Grew Up

When she grew up, he beauty just kept increasing with age, like fine wine. But she still had that air of innocence about her.

#3 Then She Started Getting In To Trouble

The first time she went to jail shocked the world. How could this pretty little girl be so bad?

 #4 Then It Kept Happening

Lindsey kept getting arrested, and eventually her mugshots became a huge collection of pictures. She needed help.

 #5 Her Health And Beauty Started To Fade

This looks like an old woman, but rest assured this is Lindsey Lohan. This is when she was struggling with addiction and numerous court cases.

 #6 This Is Lindsey Today

Lindsey has made an amazing transformation. She's hot again!

 #7 She's Clean Now

Now that she's off drugs, she is making her comeback. Good luck Lindsey!

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