Boy falls into a ravine and is lost. Loyal dog stays by his side and keeps him alive for 44 hours

What started off like any other day at summer camp quickly turned into a nightmare for Mexican teen Juan Heriberto Trevino. Fortunately, a heroic Labrador Retriever named Max was there to help him through what might otherwise have been a fatal ordeal.
 As evening approached at his camp in the Sierra Madre Oriental mountains, Juan was looking for firewood to help his fellow campers when he slid on a tree trunk and fell down a deep ravine. He had become separated from the other members of his group – except for Max – and they were unable to hear his cries for help.
Lost and stuck at the bottom of the ravine for 44 hours, Max faced frozen temperatures when night fell. Max – who had only met the 14-year-old earlier that day – refused to leave his side, and huddled together with him for warmth as temperatures plummeted.
 “He stayed by my side the whole time, making me feel safe,” the teenager told a Mexican news station.
‘I grabbed [Max] and put him on my legs to not be so cold and hugged the dog.”
According to the teen, Max later helped guide him to a water source so they could both get something to drink. As search parties combed the mountains in search of the teen, he and his companion slept under a tree and waited out the freezing nights together.
 Eventually, rescuers were able to locate the pair. Juan was suffering from exhaustion, but could have been much worse for wear after his 44-hour ordeal.
The local police chief commented on just how lucky Juan was to have Max around during his two days lost in the mountains. The teenager was interested in adopting his newfound friend, but was happy to return him to his current owner when he found out the heroic lab already had a loving home.

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